One tradition I LOVE about Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s is the “Mitzvah” portion. This Bat Mitzvah girl chose the Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind as her project. She raised money to buy 2 guide dogs to give to the Israel Guide Dog Center to train and become a partner for a worthy blind person in Israel. To showcase her good deed we created these dog centerpieces with a dog bowl base, dog collar and the IGDC logo on top. We also spray painted dog biscuits to sprinkle around each centerpiece.

3 thoughts on “A DOG-GONE GOOD DEED

  1. Not just a Mommy!

    I never would have thought about spraypainting the bones, I love it! We are having a “Git Along Little Doggies” party next summer, and I’ll have to try some of these. P.S. Friday’s post is on super hero parties, and I’ve shamelessly put yours on there again! 🙂 Thanks for letting me share.

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