Monthly Archives: March 2009


What teenager wouldn’t love a candy theme party….or adult for that matter? Sydney’s Candy Bar Bash was filled with giant candy centerpieces, gumball party favors and a GIANT Candy Bar Buffet. The placecards were lollipops stuck in a pool of brilliant bubble gum balls. The tables were named after all of Sydney’s favorite candy. I feel for the parents who had to deal with all of the sugar buzzed kids at the end of the night!


Who says camping is for boys? This pink camo camp party had all the element required to rough it in the great outdoors…in style. Camp Helen featured pink tents, pink camo and pink sleeping bags. The placecards were hersey bars…make that HELEN’s bars. Assorted trees served as centerpieces so that when you looked across the room you felt like you were in a forest. Table assignments were various camp activities…hiking, swimming, arts & crafts etc. GO (camping)Pink!


Our party this weekend had a Nick at Nite theme. We rented spandex linen in electric colors of hot pink, green and blue. The centerpieces pulled the entire room together. We draped fabric from the ceiling to the table and puddled the fabric in vases. Lots of uplighting and gobos filled the walls. The munchies for the kids had lots of hand held containers..french fry cones, fresh veggies in cups with dip. We served mini milk bottles and cakes for dessert. There were several large Nick at Nite signs and a custom sign in book. We named the tables after all the old school t.v. shows.