Monthly Archives: August 2009


Heave Ho Ye Land Lovers! Come aboard our pirate party/buccaneer bash. This is a table we created for a local tablesetting show this weekend. The “bones” plates were the inspiration. The booty consisted of pieces of eight, jewels and gold treasures. The centerpiece was a treasure chest and a mast complete with the jolly roger and crows nest on top. Custom “rum” root beer bottles served as glasses. The tablecloth topper was netting and the chairs were rustic wood rental chairs with pirate hats hanging off. Yo Ho Ho All Ye Lad’s and Lassie’s!


Here are some pics of our Life Church women’s retreat this weekend. Our theme was “Under Construction” Demolition, Excavation and Rebuilding were the key topics of the weekend. We had amazing speakers sharing their even more amazing stories. It was a great girl bonding weekend. There is something special about spending time with women of faith in a camp setting–it brings back fond memories of brownies/girl scouts, slumber parties and summer camps. This retreat did not disappoint…fellowship, staying up all night, pranks, cooking around the campfire, laughs, tears and friendships formed made for a memorable weekend.


I can’t believe the summer is over and school starts back this week. Over the weekend I visited my sister and helped her get her classroom together for the big school year. She’s a second grade teacher and I don’t know how she does it all…or any teacher for that matter. Good luck to all you teachers out there…you have such and important job and I have great respect for all of you.


My sweet little friend just turned 9 years old and we celebrated with her favorite thing in the whole wide world…The Hippo!! She is the cutest 9 year old I’ve ever seen and has a personality to match. Her party was at a local park and the weather was just right for her hippo bash. Brown burlap covered the picnic table. A wheat grass runner held the hippo, monkey and alligator centerpiece. We wrote all the party peeps names on hippo cut outs and placed them on the napkins. Giraffe print straws and hippo figurine’s were some of the party favors. The yummy jungle themed cake and pinata full of goods was a sweet ending to my sweet friend’s special day. Happy Hippo Birthday B!!