Monthly Archives: November 2009


Adampalooza was an event we designed a few years ago (I just found the long lost pics). The color scheme was based off of the colorful Lollapalooza ticket from 2007-Turquoise, Orange, Lime Green and Purple. We wanted to create a festival feel so there were plenty of festivities for the guests to enjoy. Shown above is the Adampalooza sign, a pic of the kids room, “Sugar Palooza” candy bar, mini drum centerpieces with the “Adam Knox Band Logo”, custom concert posters and mini guitar centerpieces.

Top Left: Adampalooza centerpieces for the kids tables which had a center that spinned and a LED flashing light in the CD. Top Right: Custom Adampalooza Concert Ticket Placecards. Bottom Left: The sign in board and donation drop off. Bottom Right: Room view of the kids area.

FESTIVITIES Top Left: Live local band in adult room (kids were entertained by a DJ. Top Right: The Oxygen Bar…yes oxygen bar…complete with 12 scents and nose hoses. Bottom Left: Totally Cool Temporary Tattoos. Bottom Right: the O2 Bar.

We labeled the bar areas “Knox on the Rocks”. Top Left: Knox on the rocks custom bar napkins. Top Right: gourmet sodas for the kids with selections that match the decor. Bottom Left: Ice Luge that was carved to mimic the kids centerpieces…this looked fabulous when it was lit at night. Bottom Right: Knox on the Rocks bar sign.


A little Thanksgiving inspiration for you. The photos of the buffet and the centerpiece with the table numbers carved in the pumpkin are from a Fall Harvest party a few years ago and the others are of my Thanksgiving table. The bottom right photo is a centerpiece that I made for a client for her Thanksgiving buffet. I have so much to be thankful for this year and plan on sharing it with those who mean the most to me. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!


Our shagadelic party this weekend was at the beautiful Conrad Hotel. It was an Austin Powers theme in honor of the Bar Mitzvah boy, Austin. This event was planned by Annie O’s and decorated by Setting the Mood. The centerpieces were brightly colored gerbera daisy’s stacked in a clear vase with a tie dye peace sign on top. Cocktail tables were decorated with groovy flower base and lava lamps. The grand entrance was a record curtain with the iconic Austin Powers logo with the Bar Mitzvah boy’s name. We created a custom sign in book with a photo of Austin in the blue velvet suit on the cover. Each tween received “Austin” glasses and teeth as well as a tie dye t-shirt to take home.