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Here are the first set of pics from our A Classic Party Rental open house. The centerpiece of the table was a life sized melting snow man and a faux snow shower of stringed pom poms…um, 1000 of the them to be exact. And yes, we strung them by hand.

Mini milk bottles filled with milk and topped with a donut hole and straw and a yarn scarf.

Notice the twig flatware?

The entire table was inspired by the snowman pillows.


A Classic Party Rental asked us to decorate their showroom for the month of January. I will post pics of the tables we created throughout the week. In the meantime, here is a portion of my interview.

An Interview with Jamee of Setting the MoodWhen you are developing a theme, what tools do you use to make your vision a reality?
I’m a visual person so I love to collect tangible items like fabric swatches, tear sheets, ribbon, candy or trinkets and lay it out on a table for a few days and let it soak in before I start designing. I find that something will usually pop in my mind and I go from there. However, I find that the process is different for each event. Sometimes I will make inspiration boards or sketches and other times I create a centerpiece and decor prototypes to show my clients.
Which was the most challenging theme you have had to execute? Have you ever been stumped?I do love a challenge or anything that makes me think outside the box but there have been a couple of events that have stumped me. Without calling anyone out, I will just say that I consider it part of my job to try and steer people in the right direction.
Which theme did you have the most fun planning?
Wow, that’s a tough one because I get most excited about the events that are forthcoming. We have some great, unique themes coming up this year such as Legally Brunette, Facebook and Glee.
What inspires you during the planning process?
Oh my gosh!!! EVERYTHING inspires me. I love going to the hardware store and looking at things that can be used in a different way, repurposing thrift store items with a fresh coat of paint or a simple repair. I spend hours upon hours in artsy places like JoAnns, Michales and Hobby Lobby and get inspiration from scrapbook paper, ribbon, fabric and stickers. I also get a kick out of quirky quips. For instance, I saw a computer store ad that said “Tech the Halls” and I thought “that would make a great party theme for Christmas”. Inspiration is everywhere.


Our Bat Mitzvah last Saturday was themed “Alexis Island” which was perfect since it was about 20 below zero in Indy that day. The kids room was more surf related with surfboards hanging from the ceiling, board short centerpieces with hibiscus flowers, beach balls and tiki bars. The Adult room was a little more elegant with an island feel. Palm trees, tropical floral centerpieces and coconut candy cups on each table. The Big Island treat was a monstrous candy cabana.


Drool….would you take a look at this photography! Erin Hession is an AMAZING photographer here in Indy. I love how she makes you feel like you can step right into her photos as if you were a guest at the event. She has a great eye for detail and she really tells a story with her pictures. She photographed the entire New Years Eve wedding that we posted a few days ago. You can check out more of her fantastic work at . You’re gonna want to spend some time soaking in her blog!


Why not kick off the New Year with a wedding? Setting the Mood worked with the event planners from A Touch of Elegance to decorate this special evening. We created a “Count Down Candy Buffet” as well as some special decor touches. Evans Audio Visual did an amazing job of lighting the space. The beautiful centerpieces were created by the gals at Bokay Florist

Talk about ringing in the New Year with a bang!