Monthly Archives: February 2010

TABLE #5 Pirate Party

Wooden rustic chairs hold the pirate hats.

Once again, all these photos were taken by Erin Hession Photography.

I love how Erin made these novelty plastic coins look good.

Custom Jack Sparrow Rum Bottles.

Here is a wide shot of the table. The mast in the background was originally going to be placed on top of the table as a centerpiece but the ceiling was low so it became a background prop.


I know, I know…most of the country is rooting for the Saints but I’m an Indiana girl and I’m all about the blue. Here are some pics of our little superbowl shindig for tomorrow night’s big game. I found all kinds of blue food. Blue potato chips, yogurt covered blueberries, blue and white swirly lollipops, blue m&m’s, blue and white york peppermint pieces, blue blow pops, blue corn chips and even the perfect color blue Gatorade. I also made blue chocolate dipped pretzels, blue chocolate molded in the the state of Indiana and football Oreo truffles (recipe from Bakerella).

I’ll post more detailed pics soon. GO COLTS!!!!