Monthly Archives: March 2010


In the spirit of March Madness, I decided to make some basketball truffles. I used the Wilton Large Sports Ball Candy Mold ($1.99) and Wilton orange chocolate.

For the truffles, I used Bakerella’s Oreo Truffle recipe and also used the same technique and used nutter butters. I poured the orange chocolate in the mold but didn’t fill it to the top. I balled the truffles and then smashed them into a disc that would fit inside the mold. When it hardened I popped it out and finished it with melted almond bark and piped the lines.

For the display, I cut a piece of vinyl flooring that looked like a basketball court to fit inside the tray. And oh yeah, I suggest you buy a few of the Wilton molds so that you don’t have to make one basketball at a time…like I did 😉


It’s madness here in Indy as we are the host to the NCAA Final Four Men’s Basketball and championship game in just one week. Last week we decorated for a NCAA themed basketball bar mitzvah in the exact location that the final games will be played.

Here is the top of the scoreboard. It is the entire width of the court.

Another shot of the court, scoreboard and NCAA bleachers being erected in the stadium.

Custom press pass placecards.

Stadium screen with a customized border

Chuck Taylor centerpieces.

Tall stacked basketball centerpieces on basketball court table toppers.

Cocktail table centerpieces: chuck lace up cylinders with floating candle.

Klapper Madness entry sign.

Close up of the Klapper Madness sign. The basketball was created with basketball textured pieces.