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This Bar Mitzvah was planned by the AMAZING girls at A Touch Of Elegance They planned tons of fun activities for all to participate. It was the single most eventful Bar Mitzvah I have seen yet.

This is the sign we created for Jacob’s Amazing Race.

We also designed and created the team t-shirts. Four teams: (blue, red, yellow and green)

We hung several country flags from the ceiling.

Centerpieces with Jacob’s Photo superimposed into post cards from different landmarks from around the world.

One of the many games…this one, the matching game. Each team went head to head to match country flags with the correct country name.

Mystery Puzzle Game- Three puzzles for each team to assemble then identify each landmark to win.

Dance Competition

Velcro Wall

Eating Contest

Bungee Run Competition

And last but not least…the coveted Amazing Race Blue Ribbons

*All photos (with the exception of first photo) taken by the amazing Sue Huffer Photography

An Artsy pARTy!!

This Bat Mitzvah was all about different kinds of art. Airbrush Art, Fabric Art, Wire Sculpture, Ice Sculpture, Tattoo Art, Food Art…if you can imagine it, it was probably represented at this party. The above photo is a spray painted mural. The actual artist was on site in the entry finishing the piece as guests arrived.

The edible art was in the form of placecards. Glitter ball chocolates in organza bags hanging from funky painted trees.

This was the sign in book and giant paint can card holder.

An artsy candlelighting piece with an abstract Star of David.

The adult room had all ice sculpture centerpieces that were lit from the bottom. I didn’t get a shot of those centerpieces but you can see the colorful room and table table number splats on each table.

The kids room had mini paint cans with glittery fabric “paint” flowing down onto the table.

This is a shot of the food area with bright fabric swags from the ceiling.

These were the cocktail table centerpieces. Large paint cans with glittery fabric flowing on each table. These cans were also lit with LED lights.

The giant candy buffet had lots of paint cans spilling with with yummy candy


Everyone knows about facebook right? When my clients (the coolest, sweetest family ever) came to me and said that their daughter wanted a Facebook theme Bat Mitzvah, I was stoked! Not only is it a cool, different and fun theme, but figuring out how to turn Facebook into a party was an interesting challenge.
This is the entrance. We wanted it to look like you were walking right into Daria’s Facebook page.

The Internet cafe sign was hung in the kids lounge area.

We made placecards that looked like iPhones complete with a text message to each guest telling them which table they were sitting at.

It’s hard to tell by this photo, but we made the placecard table look like the inner workings of a computer. We displayed lots of computer parts and lights in a brushed aluminum box with a plexiglass topper.

Centerpieces included giant iPhones, computers, Blackberry phones and iPods. The base of each centerpiece contained hundreds of computer keys in glass jars.

We hung text bubbles from the ceiling with all the Bat Mitzvah girl’s favorite lingo.

Instead of table numbers we used Daria’s favorite apps as table assignments.

This was such a fun party to create. Congrats Daria…I just loved working with you and your family!!


This event was one of the most amazing events I’ve ever been a part of. The first ever Riley Children’s Hospital Prom was a great collaboration with the Women of Riley, the Riley staff and many many generous vendors. Everyone really pulled resources, time and funds to make this night special for the cancer patients and families of Riley.

First, the children were treated to “Promingdales” where they were able to pick out their dresses and tuxes for the special night.

There were over 400 dresses and tuxes donated and a local dry cleaner dry cleaned every last dress for free.

The main room was full of lots of great music by Party Time Sound, cool lights and lounges by Evans Audio Visual and a special guest DJ—Scott Evans himself.

The kids had a blast. It was so nice to see them being kids and having fun.

One of the nurses said that some of the kids were up at 5:00am that morning because they were so excited.

Setting the Mood provided decor and A Classic Party rental donated the beautiful linen, tables and chairs.

The other half of the venue was geared towards the younger kids with a Harry Potter theme. Some of the children were transported from the hospital to the party on the “People Mover” turned Hogwarts Express.

Complete with a potions lab.

Quiddich Practice Area

The Banquet Hall

Magic balls and Marauder’s Maps