Our party this weekend was a double Bat Mitzvah with two girlfriends. It was held at the beautiful
 Isn’t this invitation stunning?  I love the lining of the envelope.
Setting the Mood created this Shinto Gate entrance with the Bat Mitzvah girls names on rice paper parasols.

 The placecards were take out boxes filled with the best homemade toffee and topped with a fortune cookies with the fortune telling guests table assignment.
We made the table numbers on intricate cut sandalwood fans.
Half of the centerpieces were large bubble bowls filled to the rim with fortune cookies and cherry blossom branches with mini paper lanterns.
Each guest placesetting had a colored fan, custom wrapped chopsticks and a printed menu card with the logo we designed.
 The other half of the centerpieces were large black lacquered frames with lighted tasseled lanterns hanging down.

The cocktail centerpieces were bundles of fresh bamboo with Chinese newspaper wrapped around  a glass cylinder topped with a satin ribbon.

 Here is a shot of the beautiful room.  You can see the absolutely gorgeous chandeliers on the ceiling and the tufted wall panels.

 We hung rice paper parasols from the ceiling. 

Orange and Pink up lighting colored the room.

And last but not least…an Asian candy buffet.  Instead of placing all the vessels on a horizontal table, we used these fun pagoda shelves to make a vertical, sculptural display.

7 thoughts on “ASIAN ELEGANCE

  1. Creative Productions

    Very nice, love the tall centerpieces, just curious…. how did you get them to stand up and not worry about them falling over if the table was bumped? I have dreamed in my mind of those kind of things but my guys look at me and laugh…. california=sue me state LOL.

  2. DGBofTTFT

    Love all the details! The parasols and paper lanterns…the Shinto Gate… the centerpieces… and especially love the fortune cookie placecards … love providing the table assignment in each "cookie."


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