Here is our Awesome 80’s Event from a few months ago…(I’m waaay behind on blogging our events).

As the guests got off the elevator they were greeted with the Ultra Mega Hold Aqua Net hairspray cans.  Just in case someone needed spray their crimped mall hair into place.

 We turned the built in bar into the Cheer’s Bar 
Here is a shot of the room.  We used classic 80’s colors.  Electric blue, neon green and hot pink.

Another shot of the room showing the lighting and pin spot on every table

These were the centerpieces for the cocktail tables in the bar
For the centerpieces we took 3 icons from the 80’s and blew them up…to the max!
 A giant Atari Joystick
 A radical Rubik’s cube
and……a Mega Cassette Mixed Tape
It wouldn’t be an 80’s party without a classic arcade.  It was however, a little updated version of an 80’s arcade with flat screen TVs. But… all the classic 80’s games were represented. 
Bean Bag chairs were placed in front of every screen for gaming comfort.
A throw back candy buffet was also featured in the arcade

Remember these?…..scratch n sniff stickers!!  

All of these photos were taken by the Totally Cool Erin Hession of Erin Hession Photography.  Check out her website and blog.  She is amazingly talented!!

7 thoughts on “TOTALLY AWESOME 80’s EVENT

  1. PartyMom

    Yet another outrageously stunning event! Those giant cans of aqua net are hilarious…and I love all the centerpieces. Fantastic inspiration…thanks for sharing!

  2. Monica Bremer

    OMG! Can I copy the centerpiece idea?? Our company is having a huge event in April and our theme is the 80's, as most of our guests from Denver are in their early 30's. Last Monday, we started decorating one of the ballrooms that we're gonna. All of us are very excited!

  3. Anonymous

    I happened across your blog as I start researching ideas for an 80s themed gala. This is completely awesome!! I don't even know how to begin to recreate those centerpieces. Can you give me some tips?

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