I had the privilege to decorate for a sweet little 6 year old birthday and guess what she wanted?  WONDER WOMAN… I mean, are you kidding me?  I LOVED (and still love) Wonder Woman! In fact, I thought I was Wonder Woman running around in my Wonder Woman Underoos in the late 70’s.   So, how did this little cutie know about Wonder Woman?  Her mom of course, introduced her to the Super Friends DVD and that’s where it all began.

The look on Shelby’s face was just priceless.  She ran right over to her Dad and gave him a hug and thanked him….sooooo sweet.  Isn’t she adorable in her Wonder Woman “get up”?

This is a pic of the candy buffet and trinket station.  The background is made of lots of wonder woman comic book covers and the iconic Wonder Woman logo.  Notice the superhero boots on each end?

This is a shot of the adult tables with WW glasses and comic bubble placemats.

The kids were seated around one big long table.  Tables and chairs were provided by Tabletops for Tots.  They are the cutest kids tables and chairs ever! 

Shelby requested to say prayer before everyone dug into the pizza.  That was the sweetest part of the day for me (besides seeing her face when she walked in).

A superhero can never be caught out of costume…not even when eating.

Shelby’s custom WW cake and gourmet caramel chocolate popcorn for the adults

All of the photos shown were taken by another Wonder Woman….Erin Hession.  I love how she captured the adult centerpieces with the Winger Woman backdrop as if she is busting out of a comic ready to lasso someone.

The candy and trinket buffet was a huge hit. 

Some selections were Wonder Woman chocolate lips.

Golden Lasso’s (Twizzler Twists tied in knots)

Bubble gum, lollipops, Hot Tamales, super hero puzzles and more.

The Super Hero craft station got a lot of action as well.

Superfriends chose either a Wonder Woman tiara or super mask to decorate.

Gifts and games completed the day.  Happy Birthday Shelby!!!

25 thoughts on “WONDER WOMAAAN!!!

  1. Noblekatt

    uhm….speachless! I have been a huge WW fan since well, forever! I have no fewer than 5 different WW costumes, yes I dress as WW every year for halloween (and sometimes comiccon…im a nerd…) I LOVE this party so much it actually hurts a little bit and brings a tear to the eye! to say that it is amazing seems inadequate…thanks for sharing! would LOVE more info on how the backdrop was constructed, were they actual comics? how was it all held together? and what material is the WW logo made of?

  2. Not Just A Mommy!

    'Wonder Woman! Wonder Woman!

    All the world is waiting for you
    and the power you possess
    In your satin tights
    fighting for your rights
    And the old red white and blue'

    Girlfriend, you are proving time and time again how awesome your parties are!

  3. Kendra@My Insanity

    How did I never comment on this party before??? I wanted to be Wonder Woman (still trying :-)), so of course, I love everything about this. Love the placemats–I tried to do the same thing for a Superhero family b-day dinner, but far less spectacular. Love the golden lassos! So many great details!

  4. Dawnna

    So love this idea!!! I was Wonder Woman for Halloween when I was in second grade. My brother were Batman and Robin. Their costumes came with capes so my mom made me a cape from leftover material she had (it was brown). We were so cool!

    My friend just told me that she has never had a birthday party. She is the sister that my husband would have liked his sisters to be. She is our Wonder Woman, she deserves this kind of party. We are going to try to pull it off in Las Vegas with all of her co-workers/ family. Thanks for putting your creativity out wear we can see it.

  5. Anonymous

    I LOVEEEE this wow I'm in shock of how hot this came out can you please post where you got the place mats ,ww glasses and stuff from thanks so much.

  6. Anonymous

    What a great mom you are – what great memories you are making for your daughter!
    I am planning a superhero Photo Booth for my daughter's promotion party – would love info on the caption placemats – my email is lkamiab@yahoo.com – thanks!

  7. stevenjared0853

    Brilliant wonder woman party. All arrangements are superb and I also hosted a fun spa themed party at some domestic New York venues for my best friend’s birthday celebrations. It was a fabulous surprise bash and we had blasting time together.

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