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Rustic Purple Garden Bat Mitzvah

 This Bat Mitzvah was held in an Orthodox Temple.  This is the temple that all the congregants worship in week after week.  So the challenge was to make this space, that has been seen over and over again by the same people, look unique and special.

 The beautiful linen and concept for this event were selected by the Ah-mazing caterer Dina Cohen.  Dina not only has great taste but her ALL KOSHER meals are the delectable.  The words “delectable kosher food” are rarely used together.

 Half of the centerpieces were manzanita branches with mini black and white photos of the Bat Mitzvah girl.  Also shown are the beautiful custom prayer books.
We created this muslin and burlap banner for the sweets tables.
We also used vintage windows as decor and to label some of the sweets
 Tim Kelly of Palmer Kelly Designs created these breathtaking floral centerpieces

 We used several pictures of the Bat Mitzvah girl throughout the party.  Here is a collection of photos hanging on a frame with chicken wire and lots of butterflies.  This great vintage candy display came from Violet Vintage.


Here are the deets from our Glee Back to School (supplies) buffet.  Everything on this table is a school supply instead of the traditional candy buffet.  So, grab your lunchbox and fill er up!
Rubber band truffle balls

 Scissor “pops” in a bed of paper clip sprinkles
 Mini Composition Books
 Oversized Paper Clip Garland
Brightly colored pencil eraser gummies
 Pencil Cake with rubber band icing strings
 fresh pink pearl eraser taffy
finally….glue milk sips with stripy straws
Hey Gleeks…don’t forget to tune in to Fox tonight for the premiere!!