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Our party this weekend was for a  sweet, soccer lovin’ goal keeper who is particularly fond of the European soccer teams.  Naturally, he chose a soccer themed Bar Mitzvah party.  For his placecards we set up two soccer nets (one for kids and one for adults) and hung their ticket placecards from the net.   There was a life sized photo of Josh in action that served as the “sign in”. 

Each table was named one of Josh’s favorite team.  His was Manchester United.

We dressed the tables in alternating black and white linen, topped it with a green turf topper and  displayed two types of centerpieces.

One centerpiece was this GIANT soccer ball suspended 5′ in the air.

The other had 2 actual soccer balls stacked with the logo we created for the party in the middle.

Sarah with Classic Cakes created this cool birthday cake for Josh

Here is a pic of the candy buffet we created. The buffet was on wheels so that it could be revealed and rolled out later in the evening

Soccer ball bowls held the plentiful candy as well as glass cylinders with soccer socks pulled halfway up the containers.  Real soccer balls held the two kinds of lollipops that were offered. 

Black and white striped containers with Josh’s logo, for stuffing with candy
We created a nearly 5′ round sign to display at the party.
Here is Josh’s custom candle lighting centerpiece.

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.
– Pele

Congratulations Josh!!  On all of the hard work you put forth to become a bar mitzvah!!!


The sweet girls at A Classic Party Rental asked us to decorate for a live taping on Fox 59 News. The concept Fox wanted to portray was cool, fun St. Patrick’s Day party ideas with DIY’s for home parties. ( These are all phone pics taken during the show. Check out the video for a better look.)
  Above is the backdrop and bar sign we created for behind the bar.
Since a lot of St. Patrick’s Day’s parties are under tents, A Classic Party Rental set up one of their tents inside their warehouse for us to decorate. We set up a bar area, food table and assorted cocktail tables all with A Classic’s tables, chairs and linens.  
Here is one DIY favor we came up with Pinch Proof (green) Nail Polish.
MBP Catering made some creative and delicious food.  These cakepops were displayed in wheat grass.  They also featured some hors d’oeuvres and fun drinks.
“Kiss Me (even though) I’m (not) Irish” Hershey Kiss Favors
A behind the scenes look at the taping of the drink segment. 
You can view the segments here: