“LIFE’S A PARTY…..DRESS LIKE IT!”   – Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer is the mastermind and creative behind the whimsical sketches turned fabric for her stylish Palm Beach inspired clothing lines.  She said  “It all started with a juice stand”.  Newly wed and plucked from her busy New York City life, Lilly found herself moving to Palm Beach and helping her husband run the Orange Groves. She set up a juice stand to sell to the patrons and often found her clothing to be stained with juice at the end of the day.  She eventually designed her own “work wear” to camouflage the fruit stains that the workday would leave behind.  Quickly people noticed her fashionable clothing and began to ask for it ….and that is how it all started.

The  print above chronicles Lilly’s entire life. Lilly loved a good party and lived every day to the fullest.   Each little sketch is a memory or milestone in Lilly’s life.  What a beautiful tribute to her accomplishments and life well lived.
I have been a long time fan of Lilly Pulitzer.  I love her prints, the way she brought beautiful bright colors together, her hand sketched designs, the creative Lilly store displays and her preppy but casual fashion sense. 
Below is my little tribute to Lilly.  These are mini dress forms (about 3′ tall)  that I hand painted to mimic several of Lilly’s dresses and prints.  I’ve used them as centerpieces for parties.  I thought it would be fitting to showcase these party dresses in her honor.
I’d like to think Lilly would be tickled pink…(and green).

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