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BREAKING BAD Series Finale Party

I am so excited (and sad) to see how the final episode of Breaking Bad plays out on September 29th.  In preparation for the finale, I’ve created two snack stations for a viewing party that will sure to be a hit for all the superfans out there.  Above is a close up of the chalkboard I created for food stations.
For the table, I found two 55 gallon barrels on Craigslist and topped it with some plywood covered with stainless steel.  I covered fronts of the barrels with a vinyl logo just like the barrels of Methylamine from the show.
I placed my collection of Erlenmeyer flasks and beakers in the back of the buffet, filled them with colored water and ran plastic tubing from bottle to bottle. 
 I intend on adding dry ice for the viewing party to create smoke and bubbles.
 It’s my mini version of the Superlab.
The savory food station consisted of grab and go snacks with a nod to some
familiar snacks from the series.
Jesse’s Beer Battered Funyun Rings
I emptied and washed snack sized Funyun bags and filled them with warm beer battered onion rings
 with a side of ketchup for dipping
Mini Heisenburger Sliders
Los Pollos Hermanos Spicy Buffalo Wings
served in mini fry batter buckets
Individual Venezia’s Rooftop Pizza
a smaller version of the pizza that Walt throws on his roof.
 Heisenberg Brew
Heineken Beer covered with a custom Heisenberg label.
The sweets station has some delicious offerings in miniature as well.

 Mini Meth Baggies
blue raspberry rock candy (contaminated with plastic flies)

(respect the science)
bubble gum balls skewered and arranged to look like a molecular display found in Chemistry class

Walter’s Whities
sugar cookies with royal icing cut into the shape of Walter’s briefs
(that we all have seen WAY too much of over the years).

 Jello Shots
vodka infused green apple jello

Methylene  Lemon Meringue
topped with a dollop of whipped creme

 Vanilla Bean Cupcakes
sprinkled with blue ice (rock candy)
Don’t forget to tune in for the final two episodes! 
I’m sure it will have an exciting and explosive ending.


This sweet Bat Mitzvah girl wanted her theme to go to the dogs.  She plans on being a veterinarian one day and I believe she will make it happen.  She has a huge heart for dogs and knows more about dogs than any one person I know.

The party was held a the beautiful barn at Trader’s Point Creamery.

The cocktail table centerpieces were giant tennis balls atop a cylinder filled with dog treats.  The table topper was craft paper that I edged with a punch to create lace like border.  We placed crayons on each table for people to doodle. 

I found some amazing dog photos and blew them up, mounted them and added watercolor paint to each one in the party colors.  I topped each one with a PEACE LOVE or PAWS bone.

The centerpieces were dog topiaries.  Each table had a different dog.  The base of the centerpiece was a dog bowl filled with painted dog bones.

Under each bowl was a bandana.

We tied each white napkin to look like a rawhide dog bone.

Another feature of the party was the sweets station.

It was filled with lots of candy and cupcakes

and doggie bags to fill with people treats.

Some of the vessels were dog dishes, treat jars and bone baskets.

One thing the Bat Mitzvah girl really wanted was a cupcake tree for the mini cupcakes made from The Flying Cupcake

Above is the beautiful letterpress invitation for the party.  We took inspiration from the tree in the invite and made a tree to hold the mini cuppies.

For the photo station we brought a cone of shame, dog bones, dog toys and a giant bone cut out for the guests to play around with.

The beverage stations had signature drinks such as “The Tennis Ball”

and “The Leash”

All served at the water bowl.