I love how this party turned out.  We worked along side Anne Rogers Mitchell of Anne Rogers Productions.
Her parties are always spectacular. I just love working with her.

It all starts with the invite.  Above is a portion of what was sent to the guests.  Love love love the color combo.

 The placecards were mini foam fingers placed in a bed of grass

A backdrop framed out the adult bar and lounge area

We found a giant blimp (12′ long), customized it, and hung it above the dance floor.  We added vinyl décor to the dance floor to look like a football field.

Our centerpieces were created from pom poms, megaphones, footballs and wheat grass

 The popcorn bar featured the delicious local popcorn from the Just Pop In girls.  We scooped the Chicago Mix popcorn out of orange and blue sports coolers.

Our tailgate buffet held the kids snacks.

The beautiful adult centerpieces were created by The Empty Vase. Anne found this amazing linen that looked like football jerseys

 Classic Cakes did an amazing job on the four tiered cake. 

The lounges featured white furniture and glow tables by The Engledow Group.  We provided the football field carpet and football jersey pillows


This Bar Mitzvah was for a sweet, fun loving young man who loves sneakers.  He has quite a collection and we used them in our décor for his special day. 
 His color scheme was navy blue, grey and orange
 This was his entrance for the luncheon.  We hung several of his brightly colored shoes from their laces above his sign. 

 Centerpieces were oversized shoes with an iconic “swoosh” in his party colors

Amazing decorated cookie favors for each guest provided by Dina Cohen
Some of the tables had these floral centerpieces.  We made the shoe wraps for the vases and filled the vases with orange and white tulips.

The nighttime party was at a different venue that evening.
We hung more shoes above the dance floor.

A candy buffet featured a cool custom tennis shoe cake centerpiece created by

Here is the entrance for the evening party.  Ben’s card box was made with some of his shoe boxes. 

For Ben’s sign in, we took the door from his bedroom and everyone left a special message.
We displayed more of Ben’s shoe collection in cubbies in the entry.

Ben gave away these cool t’s that also served as chair covers in the party room
Congrats Benny!!  YOU DID IT!!!

RUN FOR THE ROSES: Kentucky Derby Party

Here are a few more shots of our Kentucky Derby party from a week or so ago.  The inspiration came from these amazing invitations and menu cards from Danielle Fiega at Pink Poppy Ink.  The plaid on the whole collection was what I drew from to create the table. 

I used a Scottish Plaid blanket as a table topper.  The placecards were handmade paper ribbon rosettes with guests names printed on them. 

Ceramic horse heads and rose balls served as centerpieces.

Navy and Burlap Tablecloths and Mahogany Chivari chairs from A Classic Party

Lucky No. 7 table number created by Pink Poppy Ink.  Basket weave leather flatware
and charger plates as well as vintage binoculars are some other details to help create the look.

For the chair ties, I made oversized award ribbons for each chair. I used Kraft paper and plaid fabric in a coordinating pattern. 

I found these mini Maker’s Mark bottles (a staple of the Kentucky Derby) and chocolate Bourbon cookies and displayed them on a copper tray.  Here is the invitation from Pink Poppy Ink.  They were packaged in a brown Kraft box mailer.

Mini mint Julieps  in siver juliep glasses and horseman biscuits.


It’s crazy busy over here so I thought I would post some really quick phone pics of what’s been happenin’.  I’ll post more when I can!




“BIG THINKERS” centerpieces for IU Health


I had the pleasure of decorating for a dear friend’s son’s birthday party. 
The birthday boy’s name is Adrian and his party was a Super Mario Theme. 
Look at how cute he is!  This was his first look at the decorated room.
Here he is taking at seat at the head of the table on the mushroom stool.
The sign we made for him.
Candy Buffet for everyone
….and all the kiddos


“LIFE’S A PARTY…..DRESS LIKE IT!”   – Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer is the mastermind and creative behind the whimsical sketches turned fabric for her stylish Palm Beach inspired clothing lines.  She said  “It all started with a juice stand”.  Newly wed and plucked from her busy New York City life, Lilly found herself moving to Palm Beach and helping her husband run the Orange Groves. She set up a juice stand to sell to the patrons and often found her clothing to be stained with juice at the end of the day.  She eventually designed her own “work wear” to camouflage the fruit stains that the workday would leave behind.  Quickly people noticed her fashionable clothing and began to ask for it ….and that is how it all started.

The  print above chronicles Lilly’s entire life. Lilly loved a good party and lived every day to the fullest.   Each little sketch is a memory or milestone in Lilly’s life.  What a beautiful tribute to her accomplishments and life well lived.
I have been a long time fan of Lilly Pulitzer.  I love her prints, the way she brought beautiful bright colors together, her hand sketched designs, the creative Lilly store displays and her preppy but casual fashion sense. 
Below is my little tribute to Lilly.  These are mini dress forms (about 3′ tall)  that I hand painted to mimic several of Lilly’s dresses and prints.  I’ve used them as centerpieces for parties.  I thought it would be fitting to showcase these party dresses in her honor.
I’d like to think Lilly would be tickled pink…(and green).


Our party this weekend was for a  sweet, soccer lovin’ goal keeper who is particularly fond of the European soccer teams.  Naturally, he chose a soccer themed Bar Mitzvah party.  For his placecards we set up two soccer nets (one for kids and one for adults) and hung their ticket placecards from the net.   There was a life sized photo of Josh in action that served as the “sign in”. 

Each table was named one of Josh’s favorite team.  His was Manchester United.

We dressed the tables in alternating black and white linen, topped it with a green turf topper and  displayed two types of centerpieces.

One centerpiece was this GIANT soccer ball suspended 5′ in the air.

The other had 2 actual soccer balls stacked with the logo we created for the party in the middle.

Sarah with Classic Cakes created this cool birthday cake for Josh

Here is a pic of the candy buffet we created. The buffet was on wheels so that it could be revealed and rolled out later in the evening

Soccer ball bowls held the plentiful candy as well as glass cylinders with soccer socks pulled halfway up the containers.  Real soccer balls held the two kinds of lollipops that were offered. 

Black and white striped containers with Josh’s logo, for stuffing with candy
We created a nearly 5′ round sign to display at the party.
Here is Josh’s custom candle lighting centerpiece.

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.
– Pele

Congratulations Josh!!  On all of the hard work you put forth to become a bar mitzvah!!!


The sweet girls at A Classic Party Rental asked us to decorate for a live taping on Fox 59 News. The concept Fox wanted to portray was cool, fun St. Patrick’s Day party ideas with DIY’s for home parties. ( These are all phone pics taken during the show. Check out the video for a better look.)
  Above is the backdrop and bar sign we created for behind the bar.
Since a lot of St. Patrick’s Day’s parties are under tents, A Classic Party Rental set up one of their tents inside their warehouse for us to decorate. We set up a bar area, food table and assorted cocktail tables all with A Classic’s tables, chairs and linens.  
Here is one DIY favor we came up with Pinch Proof (green) Nail Polish.
MBP Catering made some creative and delicious food.  These cakepops were displayed in wheat grass.  They also featured some hors d’oeuvres and fun drinks.
“Kiss Me (even though) I’m (not) Irish” Hershey Kiss Favors
A behind the scenes look at the taping of the drink segment. 
You can view the segments here:


 We were asked to help out again with this school’s fundraiser and the theme this year was 80’s!! 
Anne Marie Dezelan of Annie-O’s was the creative mind behind this entire concept and you will see why she is fabulous at what she does.  She has a way of getting you completely immersed and excited about the project.  In fact, at our first design meeting she came strutting in blaring Carma Chameleon on her iPhone  instantly getting everyone hyped up about the party. 
Her first idea was to pay tribute to Ronald Reagan and his role in tearing down the Berlin Wall. 
Here, we created a faux Berlin Wall on each side of the hallway.  The black, red and gold draping created a German Flag feel.
 Anne Marie thinks of the whole visceral experience when planning a party. So what you see, hear, smell and feel are very much a part of her consideration when brainstorming ideas.  So, for the Berlin Wall walk, she had “When the Walls Come Tumbling Down” by John Mellencamp playing.
At the end of the hallway was a student dressed as Ronald Reagan.   

Anne Marie worked with many of the schools students to help create a “live art experience”.  This year she chose several students to dress and act as iconic 80’s music artists.  Some artists include: Cyndi Lauper, Prince, Devo, Madonna, Billy Idol, Michael Jackson
and a special section for Whitney Houston and Beastie Boy Adam Yauch.
As patrons walked down the hallway they heard each of these artists popular songs as well as saw the students dressed to a “t” and acting the part.   
 Here is a pic of the guitar we made for the Prince performer
 As guests exit the 80’s artists hallway they stumble upon a scene where 3 kids are plopped on bean bags playing old school video games on a vintage TV.  Cool Ranch Doritos, Teen Beat Magazines, movie posters, a phone (with an extra long cord) and a boom box were some of the details that brought back fond memories of the era. 

For the surrounding walls we created over sized screen shots
                                          of some of the fave video games of the 80’s

Pacman, Donkey Kong & Frogger.  Markey’s Audio Visual also had cool uplighting and gobos projecting on the walls and ceiling as well as video game sounds coming from speakers. 
As guests walked down the stairs to go into the main room, choir students lined the stairway and sang “Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi.
 Here’s a little detail from the Ladies Room.  Over sized Aqua Net Hairspray Cans.

Here’s a pic of the main room.  This is where the guests spent the majority of the evening.  There was a live auction, bar, served dinner and a special midnight breakfast buffet.

The table cloth colors were plucked right from the Rubik’s Cube squares.  We created 3 different centerpieces: Giant Tape Cassettes, Giant Rubik’s Cubes, and Giant Atari Joysticks.



Check out this AWESOME backdrop!!

We made an 8′ Cheers sign for the bar

As guests left, they were treated to a throw back candy buffet with Nerds, Jolly Ranchers, Starbursts, Blow pops, Gobstoppers, Milk Duds, Sour Patch Kids, Laffy Taffy and many more.