We are so proud of our IU men’s basketball team!  They are killing it this year!!  So I was inspired to create a grab and go food table to enjoy while watching the big game.   
 The set up was a nod to Assembly Hall complete with the basketball court, bleachers with IU chairs and the Championship banners.  Here’s to hoping to add a 2013 banner to the set.
The mini chairs held chocolate peanut butter cups with sugar basketballs…
and dark chocolate covered sea salt caramels from Indy’s very own
The Best Chocolate In Town  (I added the little chocolate IU detail)

Mini glass Coke bottles with tiny coaches whistles around the necks of the bottles

Single servings of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Mini Sliders and Fries
displayed on a coaches clipboard 
The mini striped fry boxes mimic the team’s warm up pants

Slam Dunk Dogs and Mini Caprisi Skewers

served in little hot dog containers

PTP baby!-prime time pasta and cheese

Mini Tacos with “shots” of beer.  Switch these out with Rootbeer for the kiddos

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For those of you who are long time fans of Indiana basketball, you will remember this…..


So…in honor of The General we decided to pay homage to this great piece of Indiana history…..

Then things went a little rogue….

Don’t forget to watch the #1 ranked IU vs. Michigan State game tomorrow night!


In the spirit of Mardi Gras next Tuesday I thought I would share a Mardi Gras party we created. This event  was a private High School fundraiser and was held at the actual school.
 As guests enter for check in, they were greeted with a New Orleans city scene.
 The city scene included one of Emeri’ls famous restaurants.
Lots of ferns, wrought iron and brightly colored buildings. 

 Guests turned the corner and strolled down our Bourbon Street hallway.  Several students lined the hallway.  Anne Marie Dezelan with Annie-O’s events came up with the entire concept for this event and chose several students to help set the scene for Bourbon Street.  Including using the schools Gospel Choir to sing “When the Saint’s Come Marching In”.

At the end of the hallway was Emeril (also a student) doing his live cooking show.

Then guests went into the silent auction area “The French Quarter” for some shopping. 
 Then down to the main gym for the “Big Parade”
Here is a picture of the ceiling truss and lighting by Evans Audio Visual.  We created these giant Mardi Gras masks to hang from the truss along with giant Mardi Gras Beads. 
Not a great pic, but you can see the giant beads in this shot 

The amazing colorful backdrop really brought the spirit of New Orleans to the room

We created two centerpieces for the main party room. The one above is full of Mardi Gras beads, masks, boas and coins.

The second is a gold Kings Crown atop a stripey pillow with beads, jewels and coins.
Another view of the backdrop while sitting at the table.

Happy Mardi Gras Y’all!!

Snowflake Soiree

We created a winter white wonderland for a local jewelry store holiday open house.  We went with an all white theme.  There is something so dramatic about white and when you add icy blue lighting it becomes magical.
 We used a white tent, white carpeting, white crush linen and ice crystal chairs from

 Evans Audio Visual projected these beautiful snowflakes all around the tent ceiling and a wash of icy blue lighting that transformed the entire room.  When you use white, the lighting reacts to every single piece in the room and make it all come alive.  It’s hard to see but we put crystal clear snowflakes in the birch trees and when the lights projected on them they turned into blue glowing flakes.

 We decorated the buffet with white birch branches, buffalo snow, white and clear snowflakes, oversized snowballs and these amazing deer heads.

 All of the tables were small cocktail tables, seated and standing so we created these small snowflake centerpieces with snowballs and a white led light to make the snowballs glow.

 Jose & Sons Ice Sculpting carved this magical ice snowflake for the shrimp station.

Last but not least the talented Annie-O pulled this team together to create this open house. 


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A special thank you to Rachel Richard of Rachel Richard Photography for her beautiful work and to Starla Portell for the super cute brownie and Oreo pops!!

007 James Bond Buffet

In honor of the new James Bond movie Skyfall; I’m sharing a James Bond buffet we created almost 6 years ago. It was 2006 and we were asked to come up with a New Years Eve concept for a party. We decided to play on the 007 in the year 2007. Bond is timeless, so these ideas would work for any Bond movie party. 

 The backdrop for the buffet was the (2)007 logo with a perceptual illusion of a James Bond silhouette and a Bond Girl .  We added lighting to the edge where the two images meet
 to mimic fire.

Here we mixed real red casino dice in with ice to chill the vodka
and hung handcuffs around the champagne bottle

 A couple of the food trays were on top of 12″ dice blocks.  We made faux passports, “Eyes Only” packets and sprinkled real bullets around as if it were confetti.
 The hors oeuvre’s were steak shooters sitting on top of mini eyes only packets.  We also put bullet hole stickers on the shot glasses…get it…shot–glasses. 
 May be a little hard to see…these are not the best pics 🙁

 An aluminum brief case filled with diamonds held the crab dip for the crostini.
 These mini muffins sat atop a poker chips that sat atop a giant poker chip.
 The iconic martini glasses served as bowls for the berries and zabaglione.  We also put shattered glass stickers on the windows behind the buffet but you can’t see them in the pic.

The new Bond movie Skyfall is out in theaters tomorrow!!

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