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This Bar Mitzvah was planned by the AMAZING girls at A Touch Of Elegance They planned tons of fun activities for all to participate. It was the single most eventful Bar Mitzvah I have seen yet.

This is the sign we created for Jacob’s Amazing Race.

We also designed and created the team t-shirts. Four teams: (blue, red, yellow and green)

We hung several country flags from the ceiling.

Centerpieces with Jacob’s Photo superimposed into post cards from different landmarks from around the world.

One of the many games…this one, the matching game. Each team went head to head to match country flags with the correct country name.

Mystery Puzzle Game- Three puzzles for each team to assemble then identify each landmark to win.

Dance Competition

Velcro Wall

Eating Contest

Bungee Run Competition

And last but not least…the coveted Amazing Race Blue Ribbons

*All photos (with the exception of first photo) taken by the amazing Sue Huffer Photography