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This Nick at Nite themed Bar Mitzvah was bright, bold and full of fun. 
We used neon spandex linen for the tables and chairs. The centerpieces were glass cylinders with neon fabric that draped all the way to the ceiling. 
Here is the large entrance sign.  It’s hard to tell the scale of the sign but it was approximately 5′ x 5′

Nick’s sign in book

Here is the menu detail with the iconic Nick@Nite splat
This is a shot of the GOBO.  It’s hard to tell but when the lights were lowered
 it shined in a neon green color
Splat cakes!  These mini cakes were served at each table and the larger cake was for Nick to feast on.
We also served mini milk bottles to each guest during cake time
We also tied  Twizzlers  around each napkin roll in the 3 bright party colors. 


Tennis anyone?  This sweet Bar Mitzvah boy knew early on that his party was going to be all about
tennis.  He just so happens to be an amazing tennis player, so this was right up his alley.  Above
is the logo that we created and placed on the dance floor.
Placecards were tennis balls with guests names and table numbers.

The setting was the beautiful Indianapolis Museum of Art, specifically the Pulliam Great Hall.  It’s an amazing space.  Bright, white and modern.  We dressed the tables in white spandex and lit them with color changing LED lighting

For the centerpieces we had HUGE..I mean huge tennis balls (4′ around)
perched atop silver stands with Jaren’t logo at the base.

We put the logo on the giant tennis balls as well as the table numbers. 

Check out this hand painted permanent wall art backdrop for the DJ and dancing.  It looked amazing with the colored tables.  If you look closely you will see that all the guests wore their Wimbledon Whites for the party.  It was great because the guests then became a cool part of the overall look.

Here’s a shot of one of the bars that evening. 
Thank you Sue Huffer, with Sue Huffer Photography for all of the beautiful photos.


This Colossal Carnival themed mitzvah was for 2 best friends (a boy and a girl). They were adorable together and seemed like brother and sister.   They didn’t want the color scheme to be too girly or too masculine, so we went with royal blue, lime green, orange, purple and hints of pink.

The “strong man” and “beautiful assistant” were inspired by caricatures that the two teens received at another mitzvah.  They were just head shots so we created the rest of the bodies and made theme into life sized entrance pieces.
The ticket placecards also had the strong man and beautiful assistant on each card as well as the big top tent logo.
Here are the two guests of honor lighting the ferris wheel candle lighting.
We made 3 different centerpieces using the color scheme, harlequin pattern and logos.  The centerpiece above is the carousel that housed brightly colored cupcakes.
The second centerpiece was a tiered “tent” cupcake holder.
The third centerpiece was a ferris wheel cupcake holder.
We hung giant balloons from the ceiling and created a tent effect with satin fabric above the dance floor. 


Our Bar Mitzvah Boy last weekend was into all things architecture.  He has an incredible creative mind and I have no doubt he will do something great in his future.  So, for his party he wanted to theme it after skyscrapers around the world.
We cut the placecards in various building silhouettes so that when they were placed in alphabetical order, it would look like a city skyline.
The colors of the room were a modern scheme royal blue, black and silver.

The adult centerpieces were glass cylinders with the Bar Mitzvah boys favorite skyscrapers around the glass and topped with a stainless steel globe.  They were under lit with LED lighting.

We used 6 chair sashes to create a criss-cross table topper on each table.
Black and white giant dance floor.
The kids centerpieces were laser cut Plexiglas buildings with a blue water base and up lit again with LED lighting.

We made these table numbers with super sleek house numbers right from the home improvement store.
Evans Audio Visual created the DANNY gobo light.
The food buffets were a delicious sampling from around the world.
The Eiffel Tower had an elaborate fruit, cheese and bread display and was switched out later in the evening to a fabulous french pastry/dessert display

             There was also a giant Italian Buffet          AND      Asian Buffet with bento boxes
The DJ and Dancers kept the party lively all night long

There was also a digital green screen photo area.  The background was Times Square

The Bar Mitzvah boy also loves all things Apple.  So we created a Juice Bar for the kids.

Classic Cakes created this AMAZING cake.  It was even more spectacular in person

Bags of colorful gum balls were given to each guest as they left for the evening.
All of the beautiful photos were taken by the talented Sue Huffer of www.suehufferphotography.comSue Huffer Photography


Our B’Nai Mitzvah last weekend made a big splash especially since the weather here has been so hot. It was held at a deluxe water park. Part of the event was indoors and the other half was out by the pool.

Here’s the logo we created for the event turned into a 7′ sign.

Some of the tables had large lifeguard chairs and the others were beach umbrellas and board shorts.

Here is a view of the indoor space.

The giveaways (put to good use) were the cabana stripe beach towels with the Big Splash logo.

Board short centerpieces

The placecards were flip flops nestled in sand.

The beach towels also served as chair covers.

All of the beautiful photos were taken by Sue Huffer of Sue Huffer Photography


This Bar Mitzvah was planned by the AMAZING girls at A Touch Of Elegance They planned tons of fun activities for all to participate. It was the single most eventful Bar Mitzvah I have seen yet.

This is the sign we created for Jacob’s Amazing Race.

We also designed and created the team t-shirts. Four teams: (blue, red, yellow and green)

We hung several country flags from the ceiling.

Centerpieces with Jacob’s Photo superimposed into post cards from different landmarks from around the world.

One of the many games…this one, the matching game. Each team went head to head to match country flags with the correct country name.

Mystery Puzzle Game- Three puzzles for each team to assemble then identify each landmark to win.

Dance Competition

Velcro Wall

Eating Contest

Bungee Run Competition

And last but not least…the coveted Amazing Race Blue Ribbons

*All photos (with the exception of first photo) taken by the amazing Sue Huffer Photography