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We are so proud of our IU men’s basketball team!  They are killing it this year!!  So I was inspired to create a grab and go food table to enjoy while watching the big game.   
 The set up was a nod to Assembly Hall complete with the basketball court, bleachers with IU chairs and the Championship banners.  Here’s to hoping to add a 2013 banner to the set.
The mini chairs held chocolate peanut butter cups with sugar basketballs…
and dark chocolate covered sea salt caramels from Indy’s very own
The Best Chocolate In Town  (I added the little chocolate IU detail)

Mini glass Coke bottles with tiny coaches whistles around the necks of the bottles

Single servings of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Mini Sliders and Fries
displayed on a coaches clipboard 
The mini striped fry boxes mimic the team’s warm up pants

Slam Dunk Dogs and Mini Caprisi Skewers

served in little hot dog containers

PTP baby!-prime time pasta and cheese

Mini Tacos with “shots” of beer.  Switch these out with Rootbeer for the kiddos

These boy party ideas were also featured on Spaceships and Laser Beams.


For those of you who are long time fans of Indiana basketball, you will remember this…..


So…in honor of The General we decided to pay homage to this great piece of Indiana history…..

Then things went a little rogue….

Don’t forget to watch the #1 ranked IU vs. Michigan State game tomorrow night!