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In the spirit of March Madness, I decided to make some basketball truffles. I used the Wilton Large Sports Ball Candy Mold ($1.99) and Wilton orange chocolate.

For the truffles, I used Bakerella’s Oreo Truffle recipe and also used the same technique and used nutter butters. I poured the orange chocolate in the mold but didn’t fill it to the top. I balled the truffles and then smashed them into a disc that would fit inside the mold. When it hardened I popped it out and finished it with melted almond bark and piped the lines.

For the display, I cut a piece of vinyl flooring that looked like a basketball court to fit inside the tray. And oh yeah, I suggest you buy a few of the Wilton molds so that you don’t have to make one basketball at a time…like I did 😉