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Rustic Purple Garden Bat Mitzvah

 This Bat Mitzvah was held in an Orthodox Temple.  This is the temple that all the congregants worship in week after week.  So the challenge was to make this space, that has been seen over and over again by the same people, look unique and special.

 The beautiful linen and concept for this event were selected by the Ah-mazing caterer Dina Cohen.  Dina not only has great taste but her ALL KOSHER meals are the delectable.  The words “delectable kosher food” are rarely used together.

 Half of the centerpieces were manzanita branches with mini black and white photos of the Bat Mitzvah girl.  Also shown are the beautiful custom prayer books.
We created this muslin and burlap banner for the sweets tables.
We also used vintage windows as decor and to label some of the sweets
 Tim Kelly of Palmer Kelly Designs created these breathtaking floral centerpieces

 We used several pictures of the Bat Mitzvah girl throughout the party.  Here is a collection of photos hanging on a frame with chicken wire and lots of butterflies.  This great vintage candy display came from Violet Vintage.


Tennis anyone?  This sweet Bar Mitzvah boy knew early on that his party was going to be all about
tennis.  He just so happens to be an amazing tennis player, so this was right up his alley.  Above
is the logo that we created and placed on the dance floor.
Placecards were tennis balls with guests names and table numbers.

The setting was the beautiful Indianapolis Museum of Art, specifically the Pulliam Great Hall.  It’s an amazing space.  Bright, white and modern.  We dressed the tables in white spandex and lit them with color changing LED lighting

For the centerpieces we had HUGE..I mean huge tennis balls (4′ around)
perched atop silver stands with Jaren’t logo at the base.

We put the logo on the giant tennis balls as well as the table numbers. 

Check out this hand painted permanent wall art backdrop for the DJ and dancing.  It looked amazing with the colored tables.  If you look closely you will see that all the guests wore their Wimbledon Whites for the party.  It was great because the guests then became a cool part of the overall look.

Here’s a shot of one of the bars that evening. 
Thank you Sue Huffer, with Sue Huffer Photography for all of the beautiful photos.


This Colossal Carnival themed mitzvah was for 2 best friends (a boy and a girl). They were adorable together and seemed like brother and sister.   They didn’t want the color scheme to be too girly or too masculine, so we went with royal blue, lime green, orange, purple and hints of pink.

The “strong man” and “beautiful assistant” were inspired by caricatures that the two teens received at another mitzvah.  They were just head shots so we created the rest of the bodies and made theme into life sized entrance pieces.
The ticket placecards also had the strong man and beautiful assistant on each card as well as the big top tent logo.
Here are the two guests of honor lighting the ferris wheel candle lighting.
We made 3 different centerpieces using the color scheme, harlequin pattern and logos.  The centerpiece above is the carousel that housed brightly colored cupcakes.
The second centerpiece was a tiered “tent” cupcake holder.
The third centerpiece was a ferris wheel cupcake holder.
We hung giant balloons from the ceiling and created a tent effect with satin fabric above the dance floor. 


This is a sweet one!  Sophie’s Candy Bar (bat mitzvah) was based on the Dylan’s Candy Bar store in New York City.  Her colors were hot pink, orange and yellow and the candy was plentiful.
Here is a shot of the candle lighting centerpieces we created.
I told you the candy was plentiful!  Check out the beautifully color coordinated candy buffet.
We made giant Whirly Pop (Sophie Pop) centerpieces
Holy Cow….look at the cupcakes!!  Created by the sweet chicks at Holy Cow Cupcakes.
This was a larger version of the centerpieces that we created for the placecard table.
A photo booth by Happy Snaps with Sophie’s Candy Bar logo on each strip

I hope you didn’t get a tooth ache checking out the eye candy!
All of the beautiful photos taken by Sue Huffer of Sue Huffer Photography
The Event Planner for this Bat Mitzvah was April Foster of April Foster Events


I confess…I am a shopaholic so creating this Bat Mitzvah was FUN!!! Custom credit cards served as placecards.

The sign in book with the cute Bat Mitzvah girl on the front.

Perfectly color matched polished nails signing the book.

The room was filled with brightly colored shopping bags, hat boxes and dress forms.

These adorable chocolate purses were handmade by the Bat Mitzvah girl’s aunt.

The giant sized shopping bag prop became a photo op.

I love this photo of the Bat Mitzvah girl being showered with kisses.

All of the beautiful photos were taken by Sue Huffer of Sue Huffer Photography.


Our B’Nai Mitzvah last weekend made a big splash especially since the weather here has been so hot. It was held at a deluxe water park. Part of the event was indoors and the other half was out by the pool.

Here’s the logo we created for the event turned into a 7′ sign.

Some of the tables had large lifeguard chairs and the others were beach umbrellas and board shorts.

Here is a view of the indoor space.

The giveaways (put to good use) were the cabana stripe beach towels with the Big Splash logo.

Board short centerpieces

The placecards were flip flops nestled in sand.

The beach towels also served as chair covers.

All of the beautiful photos were taken by Sue Huffer of Sue Huffer Photography