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Sugary Pink, Cotton Candy Blue, Fluffy Popcorn yellow and Mint Ice Cream green was the color scheme for this sweet pastel carnival party. 
Above is the table centerpieces.  I used ticket rolls as a base
 and topped them with faux carnival favorites.

Giant pastel balloons and handmade bunting decorated the ceiling and gave the
room a festive carnival fee.

A sneak peek of the 8′ custom carnival sign 
 (we hand cut all of our letters to give our signs dimension)

We also created vintage style food signs for all of the stations around the room

Full view of the sign.  We took inspiration for the fabulous
Hostess with the Mostess’ carnival party a few years ago.

I love little details, {even if most people don’t even notice}. 
 Here we tied bubble gum garland around the cocktail tablecloths

Soda Station

Self Serve Cotton Candy, right from the hawking pole

Here is a giant graphic floor decal that we installed in the center of the dance floor.

Ice Cream Station with yummy toppings

Snow Cone Station

Freshly Popped Popcorn
After indulging in the carnival fare, it was time to burn off some of that sugar buzz…

So they danced….

danced, danced
the night away!

All of these amazing photographs are by the fabulous Rachel Richard of


This Bar Mitzvah was for a sweet, fun loving young man who loves sneakers.  He has quite a collection and we used them in our décor for his special day. 
 His color scheme was navy blue, grey and orange
 This was his entrance for the luncheon.  We hung several of his brightly colored shoes from their laces above his sign. 

 Centerpieces were oversized shoes with an iconic “swoosh” in his party colors

Amazing decorated cookie favors for each guest provided by Dina Cohen
Some of the tables had these floral centerpieces.  We made the shoe wraps for the vases and filled the vases with orange and white tulips.

The nighttime party was at a different venue that evening.
We hung more shoes above the dance floor.

A candy buffet featured a cool custom tennis shoe cake centerpiece created by

Here is the entrance for the evening party.  Ben’s card box was made with some of his shoe boxes. 

For Ben’s sign in, we took the door from his bedroom and everyone left a special message.
We displayed more of Ben’s shoe collection in cubbies in the entry.

Ben gave away these cool t’s that also served as chair covers in the party room
Congrats Benny!!  YOU DID IT!!!

Rustic Purple Garden Bat Mitzvah

 This Bat Mitzvah was held in an Orthodox Temple.  This is the temple that all the congregants worship in week after week.  So the challenge was to make this space, that has been seen over and over again by the same people, look unique and special.

 The beautiful linen and concept for this event were selected by the Ah-mazing caterer Dina Cohen.  Dina not only has great taste but her ALL KOSHER meals are the delectable.  The words “delectable kosher food” are rarely used together.

 Half of the centerpieces were manzanita branches with mini black and white photos of the Bat Mitzvah girl.  Also shown are the beautiful custom prayer books.
We created this muslin and burlap banner for the sweets tables.
We also used vintage windows as decor and to label some of the sweets
 Tim Kelly of Palmer Kelly Designs created these breathtaking floral centerpieces

 We used several pictures of the Bat Mitzvah girl throughout the party.  Here is a collection of photos hanging on a frame with chicken wire and lots of butterflies.  This great vintage candy display came from Violet Vintage.


Erin Hession…the AMAZING photographer that I’m always talking about, threw her Aunt a surprise 50th birthday party.  “Aunt Mary” owns Canine Retreat and loves, loves looooves dogs so Erin wanted to theme out her party with her favorite four legged things. It all started with this beautiful invitation.  Erin had it framed and on display at the party so Aunt Mary could see what her guests received in the mail.  
Keeping Aunt Mary out of the loop was a huge task for Erin and John but they pulled it off perfectly.  Mary had no idea what she was walking into.

 Setting the Mood was lucky enough to decorate for this special event.  We made giant “marybone” milkbones to hang from the ceiling, large dog dish centerpieces with colored milk bones in the bottom and a large tennis ball suspended atop.

 We folded the napkins to look like dog bones.  The cocktail table centerpieces were  colored mini milkbones with candles and a dog collar around the cylinder.

The sweet girls from A Touch of Elegance helped with all of the coordination for the party.

 Check out the menu!  Thomas Catering did an amazing job with the food!  The event was held at their exclusive venue D’Amore….and let me tell you, this venue is incredible!!

 We made the dog house card box for Mary’s cards
 Just look for the water bowl for some yummy drinks…..
 Like…a Bailey’s Irish Setter?? (aka Bailey’s Irish Creme)
 Check out this cake!!!  Classic Cakes has out done themselves again!! 

A photo booth from Strike A Pose….complete with props…dog noses, rawhide, treats, toys….
 and…a Cone of Shame!  
Thanks Bob, this pic is perfect!!! 
Bob Ridge was the videographer for the evening.
 A regal dog statue ice sculpture.  

Now, this is why Erin is brilliant…..We placed vinyl stickers on the windows that said COME….SIT…..STAY and Erin found the perfect position to photograph the sitting ice dog with the SIT backdrop.  Is that girl clever or what!!

Erin also made sure that the furbabies were able to celebrate Mary too.  They were not allowed at the party but guests could visit the Dog Treat Buffet and fill a doggie bag full of goodies.

 We had to make a sign so the guests knew these were not for humans.

There was also a Sweets Station for humans!

 Even the bathrooms were decorated  
 “wipe your paws” 
 Purple fortune cookies with personalized messages.  
Happy Birthday Aunt Mary!!!!


My sweet sweet friend and WONDERFUL photographer Erin Hession asked us to decorate a candy buffet for her office.  Check out her logo above…its pink and green and bright and bubbly…just like Erin  (Notice the diamond heart dotted “i”‘s?…You’ll see these later too).
  Erin had the brilliant idea of doing this candy buffet because her wedding ring shots are often placed on the candy from the candy buffets at the reception.  She blew up some of her ring shots and hung them above this candy buffet….what a great idea!!

 See the pink fortune cookies?  They had custom messages inside!

 Here is Erin’s very own “ring shot” …see the heart shaped diamond?  Just like in her logo!


This is a sweet one!  Sophie’s Candy Bar (bat mitzvah) was based on the Dylan’s Candy Bar store in New York City.  Her colors were hot pink, orange and yellow and the candy was plentiful.
Here is a shot of the candle lighting centerpieces we created.
I told you the candy was plentiful!  Check out the beautifully color coordinated candy buffet.
We made giant Whirly Pop (Sophie Pop) centerpieces
Holy Cow….look at the cupcakes!!  Created by the sweet chicks at Holy Cow Cupcakes.
This was a larger version of the centerpieces that we created for the placecard table.
A photo booth by Happy Snaps with Sophie’s Candy Bar logo on each strip

I hope you didn’t get a tooth ache checking out the eye candy!
All of the beautiful photos taken by Sue Huffer of Sue Huffer Photography
The Event Planner for this Bat Mitzvah was April Foster of April Foster Events


I know, I know…most of the country is rooting for the Saints but I’m an Indiana girl and I’m all about the blue. Here are some pics of our little superbowl shindig for tomorrow night’s big game. I found all kinds of blue food. Blue potato chips, yogurt covered blueberries, blue and white swirly lollipops, blue m&m’s, blue and white york peppermint pieces, blue blow pops, blue corn chips and even the perfect color blue Gatorade. I also made blue chocolate dipped pretzels, blue chocolate molded in the the state of Indiana and football Oreo truffles (recipe from Bakerella).

I’ll post more detailed pics soon. GO COLTS!!!!