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Last Friday we decorated for the annual CPA Celebration Event. For the past three years this event is based around a decade theme. This year was the 70’s/Disco decade. As the guests entered they ‘hustled’ through a disco record curtain. On the flip side was Dyn-O-Mite Lounge with far out cocktail table centerpieces of lava lamps and framed disco records. The tables were dressed with shiny lame cloths in gold, red, blue and green. Centerpieces included a disco ball, platform shoes with “tie dye” groovy flowers or retro fondue pots with flowers. A giant 4′ round disco ball took center stage above the dance floor. The best part of the night was that the guests really got into the theme. There were so many super fly “get-ups” and it seems like they got into the groove even more than last year. Can you dig it?