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This sweet Bat Mitzvah girl wanted her theme to go to the dogs.  She plans on being a veterinarian one day and I believe she will make it happen.  She has a huge heart for dogs and knows more about dogs than any one person I know.

The party was held a the beautiful barn at Trader’s Point Creamery.

The cocktail table centerpieces were giant tennis balls atop a cylinder filled with dog treats.  The table topper was craft paper that I edged with a punch to create lace like border.  We placed crayons on each table for people to doodle. 

I found some amazing dog photos and blew them up, mounted them and added watercolor paint to each one in the party colors.  I topped each one with a PEACE LOVE or PAWS bone.

The centerpieces were dog topiaries.  Each table had a different dog.  The base of the centerpiece was a dog bowl filled with painted dog bones.

Under each bowl was a bandana.

We tied each white napkin to look like a rawhide dog bone.

Another feature of the party was the sweets station.

It was filled with lots of candy and cupcakes

and doggie bags to fill with people treats.

Some of the vessels were dog dishes, treat jars and bone baskets.

One thing the Bat Mitzvah girl really wanted was a cupcake tree for the mini cupcakes made from The Flying Cupcake

Above is the beautiful letterpress invitation for the party.  We took inspiration from the tree in the invite and made a tree to hold the mini cuppies.

For the photo station we brought a cone of shame, dog bones, dog toys and a giant bone cut out for the guests to play around with.

The beverage stations had signature drinks such as “The Tennis Ball”

and “The Leash”

All served at the water bowl. 

Sneaky Little Peek

Hello party people.  I’m sorry I’ve been MIA…it has been c-r-a-z-y busy.  Here is a sneak peek of some of the party we’ve worked on over the past few months.  I’ll be blogging the details of each one as soon as things slow down.  Until then, I’ve posted one pic of each of the parties as a teaser.

 Peace, Love & Paws. Club LCK, Taste of the NFL, and a Sweet n Juicy 16 Birthday

 Annie O’s 40th B-day, Around the World Party, Cabaret Celebration, Baseball Bar Mitzvah

                        Evan’s White Party, Colossal Carnival, Basketball Bash, Mardi Gras

              Night at the Movies, Willy Wonka Riley Prom, Wimbledon, Club Samantha

                   White Wedding, You’re the Man Mitzvah, Purim Masquerade Ball


Bob Ridge of Indy Visual did an amazing job of capturing this special night.  Check out the video below.

CLICK HERE  to watch the video

An excerpt from Bob’s Blog:

Photographer Erin Hession pulled out all the stops to celebrate her dear Aunt Mary’s surprise 50th birthday party at D’Amore Indianapolis. Because Mary, owner of Canine Retreat, has such a tremendous passion for dogs, Erin set out to create a canine-themed event, hiring her friends at A Touch of Elegance, Setting the Mood, Thomas Caterers of Distinction, Classic Cakes, DJs Direct and Strike a Pose among others to create one of the most abundantly clever implementations of a theme that I have ever seen. From the bone-shaped napkins to the two huge treat tables (only one for humans) to the “Come Sit Stay” window decals to the photo booth props (see yours truly below), not one opportunity was overlooked to make Mary feel right at home. Her reaction to every surprise that kept on coming was priceless. Everyone had a blast, and it was an honor to take part in yet another milestone in the lives of this wonderful, close-knit family.


Erin Hession…the AMAZING photographer that I’m always talking about, threw her Aunt a surprise 50th birthday party.  “Aunt Mary” owns Canine Retreat and loves, loves looooves dogs so Erin wanted to theme out her party with her favorite four legged things. It all started with this beautiful invitation.  Erin had it framed and on display at the party so Aunt Mary could see what her guests received in the mail.  
Keeping Aunt Mary out of the loop was a huge task for Erin and John but they pulled it off perfectly.  Mary had no idea what she was walking into.

 Setting the Mood was lucky enough to decorate for this special event.  We made giant “marybone” milkbones to hang from the ceiling, large dog dish centerpieces with colored milk bones in the bottom and a large tennis ball suspended atop.

 We folded the napkins to look like dog bones.  The cocktail table centerpieces were  colored mini milkbones with candles and a dog collar around the cylinder.

The sweet girls from A Touch of Elegance helped with all of the coordination for the party.

 Check out the menu!  Thomas Catering did an amazing job with the food!  The event was held at their exclusive venue D’Amore….and let me tell you, this venue is incredible!!

 We made the dog house card box for Mary’s cards
 Just look for the water bowl for some yummy drinks…..
 Like…a Bailey’s Irish Setter?? (aka Bailey’s Irish Creme)
 Check out this cake!!!  Classic Cakes has out done themselves again!! 

A photo booth from Strike A Pose….complete with props…dog noses, rawhide, treats, toys….
 and…a Cone of Shame!  
Thanks Bob, this pic is perfect!!! 
Bob Ridge was the videographer for the evening.
 A regal dog statue ice sculpture.  

Now, this is why Erin is brilliant…..We placed vinyl stickers on the windows that said COME….SIT…..STAY and Erin found the perfect position to photograph the sitting ice dog with the SIT backdrop.  Is that girl clever or what!!

Erin also made sure that the furbabies were able to celebrate Mary too.  They were not allowed at the party but guests could visit the Dog Treat Buffet and fill a doggie bag full of goodies.

 We had to make a sign so the guests knew these were not for humans.

There was also a Sweets Station for humans!

 Even the bathrooms were decorated  
 “wipe your paws” 
 Purple fortune cookies with personalized messages.  
Happy Birthday Aunt Mary!!!!