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Everyone knows about facebook right? When my clients (the coolest, sweetest family ever) came to me and said that their daughter wanted a Facebook theme Bat Mitzvah, I was stoked! Not only is it a cool, different and fun theme, but figuring out how to turn Facebook into a party was an interesting challenge.
This is the entrance. We wanted it to look like you were walking right into Daria’s Facebook page.

The Internet cafe sign was hung in the kids lounge area.

We made placecards that looked like iPhones complete with a text message to each guest telling them which table they were sitting at.

It’s hard to tell by this photo, but we made the placecard table look like the inner workings of a computer. We displayed lots of computer parts and lights in a brushed aluminum box with a plexiglass topper.

Centerpieces included giant iPhones, computers, Blackberry phones and iPods. The base of each centerpiece contained hundreds of computer keys in glass jars.

We hung text bubbles from the ceiling with all the Bat Mitzvah girl’s favorite lingo.

Instead of table numbers we used Daria’s favorite apps as table assignments.

This was such a fun party to create. Congrats Daria…I just loved working with you and your family!!