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This Nick at Nite themed Bar Mitzvah was bright, bold and full of fun. 
We used neon spandex linen for the tables and chairs. The centerpieces were glass cylinders with neon fabric that draped all the way to the ceiling. 
Here is the large entrance sign.  It’s hard to tell the scale of the sign but it was approximately 5′ x 5′

Nick’s sign in book

Here is the menu detail with the iconic Nick@Nite splat
This is a shot of the GOBO.  It’s hard to tell but when the lights were lowered
 it shined in a neon green color
Splat cakes!  These mini cakes were served at each table and the larger cake was for Nick to feast on.
We also served mini milk bottles to each guest during cake time
We also tied  Twizzlers  around each napkin roll in the 3 bright party colors. 


Our party this weekend had a Nick at Nite theme. We rented spandex linen in electric colors of hot pink, green and blue. The centerpieces pulled the entire room together. We draped fabric from the ceiling to the table and puddled the fabric in vases. Lots of uplighting and gobos filled the walls. The munchies for the kids had lots of hand held containers..french fry cones, fresh veggies in cups with dip. We served mini milk bottles and cakes for dessert. There were several large Nick at Nite signs and a custom sign in book. We named the tables after all the old school t.v. shows.