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Snowflake Soiree

We created a winter white wonderland for a local jewelry store holiday open house.  We went with an all white theme.  There is something so dramatic about white and when you add icy blue lighting it becomes magical.
 We used a white tent, white carpeting, white crush linen and ice crystal chairs from

 Evans Audio Visual projected these beautiful snowflakes all around the tent ceiling and a wash of icy blue lighting that transformed the entire room.  When you use white, the lighting reacts to every single piece in the room and make it all come alive.  It’s hard to see but we put crystal clear snowflakes in the birch trees and when the lights projected on them they turned into blue glowing flakes.

 We decorated the buffet with white birch branches, buffalo snow, white and clear snowflakes, oversized snowballs and these amazing deer heads.

 All of the tables were small cocktail tables, seated and standing so we created these small snowflake centerpieces with snowballs and a white led light to make the snowballs glow.

 Jose & Sons Ice Sculpting carved this magical ice snowflake for the shrimp station.

Last but not least the talented Annie-O pulled this team together to create this open house. 

Winter Wonderland

Here are a few photos of our Winter Wonderland Party this weekend. I’ll post more when I get photos from the photographer. The white tree (upper left) was filled with real cotton candy “snow” so that the kids could just pull of the pieces and eat it. We had a “snowball lounge” with white couches and white bean bag chairs. We also used lots of disco balls to create a snowfall effect on the ceiling.