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007 James Bond Buffet

In honor of the new James Bond movie Skyfall; I’m sharing a James Bond buffet we created almost 6 years ago. It was 2006 and we were asked to come up with a New Years Eve concept for a party. We decided to play on the 007 in the year 2007. Bond is timeless, so these ideas would work for any Bond movie party. 

 The backdrop for the buffet was the (2)007 logo with a perceptual illusion of a James Bond silhouette and a Bond Girl .  We added lighting to the edge where the two images meet
 to mimic fire.

Here we mixed real red casino dice in with ice to chill the vodka
and hung handcuffs around the champagne bottle

 A couple of the food trays were on top of 12″ dice blocks.  We made faux passports, “Eyes Only” packets and sprinkled real bullets around as if it were confetti.
 The hors oeuvre’s were steak shooters sitting on top of mini eyes only packets.  We also put bullet hole stickers on the shot glasses…get it…shot–glasses. 
 May be a little hard to see…these are not the best pics 🙁

 An aluminum brief case filled with diamonds held the crab dip for the crostini.
 These mini muffins sat atop a poker chips that sat atop a giant poker chip.
 The iconic martini glasses served as bowls for the berries and zabaglione.  We also put shattered glass stickers on the windows behind the buffet but you can’t see them in the pic.

The new Bond movie Skyfall is out in theaters tomorrow!!

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This fundraiser was all about Bond…James Bond. As guests entered they registered in “Q’s Lab”

The guests then walked a long hallway full of British flags red and blue police lights and students dressed as Bond characters.

Here is a shot of the hallway with the super cool lighting created by Evans Audio Visual. They synchronized the lighting to go along with the classic Bond song “Live & Let Die”.

At the end of the hallway guests entered the “Casino Royale” silent auction room.

Giant Casino Royale Bar

After the guests spent time in the casino they headed to the “Underground” for more auction items and the main event.

This was the “Diamonds are Forever” high end auction area.

This was the ceiling centerpiece. We hung several British flas on the circular trussing.

The table centerpieces were aluminum briefcases filled with all kinds of spy gear.

Room shot showing the giant room mural.


I am so geared up to see the new Bond movie…who is with me on this?
I pulled together some photos from a Bond party we created last year. We used faux flames, flashing red lights, poker chips as a base for hors d’oeuvres, glass impact bullet stickers on martini glasses, and acrylic diamonds in a silver briefcase. We also used handcuffs, eyes only packets, giant poker chips, and dice to decorate the buffet.