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SEE YA 2008!

Some final pics of our New Years Eve. We turned down the lights and lit up all of the disco balls to create the confetti effect on the walls and ceilings.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! I can’t wait to see what all will be created in ’09 by you talented people out there.


This post was inspired by the article in Martha Stewart Living’s January edition. She showcases her employees work spaces. To check out more go to
I absolutely love going behind the scenes at vendors work spaces to see where the magic happens. I don’t care if you can’t walk through the aisles…I want to see it. So, I thought you might want to see my workspace. The next set of photos are of my workspace-not quite like martha’s but I thought if would be fun to show. If you have photos that you want to share, I would LOVE to see your workspace too.


An annual tradition in Indiana is the Circle of Lights in which our giant Christmas tree (the soldiers and sailors monument decorated with lights) is lit the day after Thanksgiving. This year we were asked to create buffet decor for the Lilly Theater’s annual Circle of Lights Celebration. Here are some photos of the decor we created for the event.


I love placecards…I love thinking of new creative ways of displaying them and coming up with different embellishments for them. I think they are an important first impression. Here are just a few of my fav placecard ideas from Check out all 450 they are featuring.