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Winter Wonderland

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA, it’s been a busy month.  I’m soooo grateful for all the work but also very grateful to have a little break and catch up!  I have a lot of parties to show and I’ll try to spread them out. First up…our Winter Wonderland Christmas party for a law firm, 
high atop the Chase Building at  D’amore.
The color scheme was silver, icy white and blues.  We used white birch trees around the tables.  For the centerpieces we used white manzanita branches dripping with glass raindrops and snowflake crystals. The panoramic view of the city is breathtaking. 
For the cocktail tables, we created mini versions of our Monument Circle Christmas Tree
(with real mini lights)

I love how all of the windows and natural light made these snowflakes look like ice!


Here are the first set of pics from our A Classic Party Rental open house. The centerpiece of the table was a life sized melting snow man and a faux snow shower of stringed pom poms…um, 1000 of the them to be exact. And yes, we strung them by hand.

Mini milk bottles filled with milk and topped with a donut hole and straw and a yarn scarf.

Notice the twig flatware?

The entire table was inspired by the snowman pillows.